Revtech history

Who are we?

Revtech was created in 1997 by Martin Mitzkat, an American engineer. The company is specialized in the design and fabrication of pasteurization and roasting units for bulk food products. With over 140 operational units world-wide, Revtech continues to innovate and to develop new, environmentally friendly applications of its unique, patented technology. Research and innovation are key words for all members of the company, who continuously strive to satisfy customer demands.

Some significant dates:

  • January 1997: Creation of Revtech
  • December 1998: Delivery of first herb and spice pasteurization unit to a major French supplier
  • November 2004: Delivery of first cork decontamination units to a major Spanish supplier
  • May 2009: Installation in our new purpose-built headquarters in Loriol
  • September 2012: First high-level extension to our assembly hall
  • August 2012: Creation of Revtech Process Systems Inc.
  • May 2013: Commissioning almond pasteurization unit in Almondco Australia
  • February 2016: Commissioning almond pasteurization unit in Crisolar, Spain
  • February 2017: Revtech Process Systems Inc. moves to Chicago
  • December 2017: Commissioning almond pasteurization unit in Pearl Crop, California
  • November 2018: Second extension to our production hall
One of the first Revtech pasteurization machine

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