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The Almond Market

With over 1.2 million tons produced each year – 37 kg per second! – the almond industry has doubled its capacity over the last forty years. Still expanding, this 4.5-billion-dollar market is driven in large part today by demand from Asia. Production is still however concentrated in California which produces over 80% of the world’s supply of almonds. The Almond Board of California has long been a motor in the promotion of the almond industry, but it took a particularly ambitious step in 2007 following an outbreak of salmonellosis attributed to almonds. The decision was made to enforce pasteurization of all raw almonds destined for the American market, and at the same time to develop the procedures necessary for the validation and the certification of pasteurization processes. With the aim of preserving the organoleptic qualities of raw almonds, different processes arrived in almond processing plants. Validation levels of 5 logs are required for product to be labelled as "pasteurized", and 4 logs for "heat treated".

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The Revtech Solution for Almonds

The Revtech process is unique in combining the use of clean electric power and natural steam. The efficiency of the process ensures that minimal amounts of heat and steam are used to obtain the required level of pasteurization, thereby ensuring the best possible preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the product.

Electric power is used to heat the almonds in a dynamic, perfectly controlled tubular vibratory conveyor. A precisely monitored amount of dry steam is injected during the passage through the conveyor, allowing all yeasts, molds and pathogenic bacteria to be eliminated. This unique combination of heat and steam achieves a level of quality and repeatability unequalled by other technologies. The system can even be configured to continue to heat the product to levels necessary for roasting, opening up a wide range of processing possibilities with just one machine. The sophisticated, FDA approved operating system is able to memorize recipes and to configure the machine, allowing production to be managed securely by just one operator.

Revtech technology

There are a number of advantages compared to competing technologies:

  • Easy to validate to ensure either a 4 log (Almond Board of California) or a 5 log (FDA) level of pasteurization,
  • Entirely natural, healthy process with no chemicals or hidden costs,
  • Excellent preservation of visual and nutritional qualities due to the very low levels of steam used,
  • Over 140 machines already operational worldwide, with validated flow rates from 1000 lbs/h to 15,000 lbs/h,
  • Highly efficient continuous system meaning low energy and maintenance costs.

Proven almond pasteurization and roasting systems from Revtech are the best way to combine safe, efficient technology with an outstanding product quality.

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