Validated Technology for the Pasteurization & Roasting of Nuts

Revtech heat treatment unit

Revtech has over 20 years of experience in the design and fabrication of industrial units for the heat treatment of bulk food products, chemical products and gases.

Revtech's unique technology is now used by over 140 major companies throughout the world for processes such as pasteurization and roasting, in particular in the tree-nut sector. Revtech is now a leader in the supply of almond pasteurization units certified by internationally recognized organizations such as the Almond board of California and the Food & Drug Administration. In addition to the largest almond pasteurization unit in the world, installed in Australia with a capacity of 7 tons per hour, Revtech has installed certified units in California, Spain and South-East Asia.

Conscious of the vital importance of these units, Revtech has developed a range of industrial services to accompany each investment and to ensure their success.

Almondco pasteurization unit for almonds

"Almondco Pure: like no other pasteurization method in the world..."

"Same natural crunch, Same taste, Same nutritional value, Same shelf life, But it looks better!"
Brenton Woolston, Managing Director at Almondco Australia

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