Revtech services

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Revtech pasteurization and roasting systems are custom built for seamless integration into the constraints of your plant. Anything from the color code to the height of the installation can be adapted to your requirements, giving a cost-effective, efficient, reliable and long-lasting production unit.

Our team of engineers meet with you at the earliest stages of the project to understand your objectives, and to find the best solution within your technical and financial limits. In close collaboration with your technical services a detailed 3D representation of the almond pasteurization and roasting unit is rapidly developed and validated using our enterprise resource planning system. The approved project is then transmitted to our production service which ensures fabrication strictly conform to the computer-generated model.

Each component of the system is verified for conformity on arrival in our assembly plant. We work with a small number of highly skilled partners and suppliers who share the same level of quality and reliability requirements as Revtech. A dedicated area in our assembly plant is attributed and the complete production unit is assembled and commissioned in preparation for the Factory Acceptance procedure. During this process you are invited to carry out a detailed inspection of the system, along with a preliminary production run, in order to identify any potential problems or issues before final delivery. The unit is then partially disassembled, packed and shipped to your plant where a Revtech supervisor will organize the rapid reassembly and commissioning of the complete almond pasteurization and roasting unit.

Revtech technology

Conscious of the importance of your investment, we ensure off-site trouble shooting using the latest techniques of remote control and connection. Our team of engineers and technicians located in our headquarters can assist both with product development and in the identification of potential problems using these techniques.